This house is located at Cloudy Bay on the southern end of Bruny Island. Its 33 hectare, beach front site, comprised a combination of pre-disturbed farmland and heath covered coastal dune.

A primary objective of the project was to create an appropriately scaled and sited intervention which minimised impact on its natural environment, while re-generating the pre-disturbed landscape by removing weeds and reintroducing native species.

Conceptually the house comprises two primary zones interlinked in a conventional ‘bi-nuclear’ plan. The two zones are conceived as a functional inversion of each other. An open plan, light weight, transparent structure forms the living zone and heavier, enclosed and protective structure forms the sleeping zone. The two, straddle a series of timber and concrete external decks strategically positioned in relation to adjacent internal areas, sun, specific views and shelter from prevailing winds

Materials have been chosen for their environmental qualities, fitness for purpose and appropriateness to the site and context, including macrocarpa cladding. This timber, harvested from redundant farm wind breaks, has excellent durability and has been left un-treated and allowed to naturally turn silver grey.



Builder: Hebblewhite Builders                                 Environmental + Bushfire: Welling Consulting
Structural Engineer: Gandy + Roberts
Electrical Engineer: ECOS Consulting
Quantity Surveyor: Stehel Consultant
Land Surveyor: Peacock, Darcy + Anderson
Building Surveyor: Pitt + Sherry
Photography: Jonathan Wherrett

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